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DataMi is the venture-capital-funded startup company, spinning out of a Princeton University research project. We are looking for experienced software/systems engineers to join our development team in Chelmsford, MA. Interested candidates please email CV to recruit@datami.com.

Android Systems Engineers
- 5 yrs experience with android programming, total 7-10 yrs of software experience
- Working knowledge of android telephony api, particularly relating to cell and signal information
- Programming knowledge of workings of android frameworks
- Programming knowledge of inter-process communication methods in android
- Java
- Must have worked in some project that demonstrates the above knowledge
- Performance optimization techniques of battery, cpu, memory on android devices
- Knowledge of media players, content pull/push and local storage on android devices
- Programming knowledge of user account authentication with content providers
- Location: Bangalore, India

iOS Implementation Engineer
- 5 yrs of iOS implementation experience on iPhone
- Ability to read Radio parameters and cell information
- Understanding of inter-process communication
- Setting up and communicating with background services
- Understanding of content delivery and media access
- Any experience in understanding and porting android based SDK/Apps to iOS will be a plus
- Location: Chelmsford, MA, US or Bangalore, India

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