Sponsored access opens new recipes for telecommunications market

Participating in the Wednesday, October 3 seminar on digital ecosystems promoted by Anatel, the director for Latin America of Datami, an American company that intermedia agreements between brands and mobile operators, Mariana Oliveira, defended internet sponsored access business as an important segment for new forms of remuneration for the telecommunications market. 

“For the operator, this is a recipe that they had not before, which comes from the marketing of Unilever, Santander, and this is very good. It’s a new budget. And at the same time it increases brand engagement and increases performance,” she said.

Datami was established in 2013 in the US and arrived in Brazil in 2016. According to the director for Latin America, she already has about 30 companies such as Santander, Natura, Avon and Mercado Livre that use the company’s technological solution for sponsored access to web sites – that is, without deduction of data in the franchise of users – in agreements with mobile operators operating in Brazil. 

“Sponsored browsing is important because much of the population still has prepaid packages. About 60% of the market is pre-paid and another 18% are control plans. People do not have the resources to navigate the whole time. The demand for data is much higher than the existing supply. So the sponsored data comes in to cover this gap,” said the executive at the Anatel seminar.

“Banks are a great example. Bradesco was the first bank in the world to use sponsored data four years ago. It is an agreement in which operators sell sponsored data navigation to the bank’s app. The bank wants to get this user from the bank, call center, which have higher costs, cheaper channels and are also more convenient for the user. The new generations do not want to go to the bank anymore. “