Linking Businesses with Mobile Data (El Norte)

By: Marlen Hernández
El Norte

In Mexico, 84 percent of smartphone users have pre-paid plans that are not large enough to cover the use of different applications. Upon seeing this lag, Datami has capitalized its business model.

Its formula consists of recruiting companies that want their customers to make greater use of their own applications.

BBVA-Bancomer and Natura sponsor the use of mobile data, which Datami in turn offers to these companies’ customers for free through the networks of operators such as AT&T, Telefónica, and Telcel.

David Nowicki, Chief Marketing Officer at Datami, said that companies sponsoring the data have seen increases of between 20 and 37 percent in their application downloads, while users have increased the time they spend on them between 18 and 45 percent.

“In Mexico, approximately 82 percent of people with pre-paid plans spend between 100 and 250 pesos per month on mobile data, but run out [of their data plan],” Nowicki said.

“Approximately 40 percent run out of data before the end of the month and this means they cannot do everything they want [online], be it using Facebook, WhatsApp, or accessing banking services, making purchases, or ordering a cab.”

Mobile data prices are relatively higher in Mexico than in other places, Nowicki said, and smartphone penetration is very deep.

“And since the economy is also doing well, there is a great opportunity to do business in Mexico,” he concluded.

Datami started its operations in Mexico during the last quarter of 2017. “Currently we are in talks with many other banks and e-commerce companies interested in launching sponsored data in Mexico, so we will probably have news in the coming months”, he added.

Datami already operates in more than 20 countries and recently announced a new tool called Audience Selector, which allows brands to offer data exclusively to users with the notifications bottom activated or that have made some type of transaction within the last 30 days, for example.