“Mind the Future”, IT Master with CDMX

The future presents itself at an exponential speed. Technological changes feed the competition, generate advantages for its early adopters and build new business categories, displacing entire industries. You can not be just a spectator, but a protagonist of the future. 

In the first edition of CON CDMX international futurists will participate to review the main trends and their possible impact on business, in masterly sessions that will rethink the different possibilities that open up to our possible future. 

The congress will also be divided into three tracks:

  • IT Security
  • Digital Government
  • Fintech

More than 16 experts will meet to exchange ideas, show avant-garde solutions and awaken the imagination of those who today are the protagonists of IT in their organizations.

You what do you expect to secure your place and build the future?

When October 3 & 4, 2018

Where Expo Santa Fe Mexico

Contact Marcelo Leon,