Datami to Showcase Sponsored Data Solution on Orange Network at TM Forum Live! as a Key Enabler

TM FORUM LIVE! – NICE, France – May 19, 2016: The sponsored data catalyst project comprises a collaboration between Orange, Salesforce, Sigma Systems, Comptel, CloudSense, and Datami developed a proof-of-concept, demonstrating the full lifecycle of a mobile customer from offer subscription to contextual and personalized engagements with both mobile operators and enterprises offering value added services. The proof-of-concept is showcased at the TM Forum flagship TM Forum Live! Conference and Expo in Nice, France, from May 9 – 12, 2016. The live demos are available at the Customer Centricity and Analytics zone on the second level entitled “New Business Models with Mobile Sponsored Data”.

Live Demo:
New Business Models with Mobile Sponsored Data

This Catalyst project looks to demonstrate a new way to monetize mobile data in a B2B2C business model and create a trustworthy experience between digital services and their customers, leveraging the network of mobile operators. This Catalyst project will involve a scenario showing a digital service provider who wants to create a best in class digital experience with its customers. As an example, a Bank (or any other service such as an insurance, a travel agency, etc.) wants to incentive its customers to use their mobile app and do transactions instead of going to the branch, leading to high operating costs.

Keynote Panels:
John Briar, VP of Business Development, and David Nowicki, CMO and Head of Products will each participate in keynote presentations as part of the Customer Centricity Live Event—increasing customer connectivity and value in a connected world.

Panel 1

“Capitalizing on the corporate culture of customer centricity”
Summit: Customer Centricity Live!
When: May 10, 2016 at 12:30pm to 1:00pm

David Nowicki, CMO and Head of Products – Datami
Sarmad Yousif, Group CCO – Allai Newroz Group
Sandra Sommerkorn, Head of Customer Experience, Product Experience Design – Vodafone Gmbh

Panel 2

“Making customer-centricity profitable: Monetizing mobile data while enhancing the end-user experience”
Summit: Customer Centricity Live!
When: May 11, 2016 at 09:50pm to 10:20pm

Laurent Leboucher, Vice President APIs and Digital Ecosystem, Orange
John Briar, VP Business Development – Datami
Catherine Michel, Chief Strategy Officer & VP Products – Sigma Systems
Mustafa Oyumi, Director, Product Management, Communications – Salesforce
Fawzi Fares, Co-founder & Enterprise Solutions Director – CloudSense

TM Forum Live! is a conference of 8 live events focused on the key business challenges faced in today’s digital world and how businesses can use these digital ecosystems to reduce costs, accelerate innovation, improve efficiency, and foster growth.

Questions like: How do you successfully manage hybrid networks end-to-end? What are the metrics that matter most in a digital world? How do you tackle the migration challenge being faced in a connected world? What are the innovative business models for smart cities? How do you create a common language for the digital marketplace? will be addressed.

Connect with senior execs from across the globe: 3000+ attendees, Including 60% decision makers and 350+ CXOs

May 9-12, 2016

Acropolis Convention Center, 1 Esplanade Kennedy, 06300 Nice, France

Media contact:
David Nowicki
CMO & Head of Product