Datami Showcases Brand Sponsored Data Commercial Scale at TM Forum Live! 2017 (TM Forum Live)

Nice, France, May 15th, 2017 – Datami, the brand sponsored data specialist, is showcasing sponsored data and data rewards commercial scale both as part of the 2016 Award Winning catalyst and through an expert insight case study and presentation “the Currency of Mobile Data” given by Datami CMO, David Nowicki at 2pm on Wednesday, May 17th during the Digital Services and Monetization Theme.

Brand Sponsored Data drives more effective and inclusive customer engagement by removing customers’ concerns over the mobile data costs associated with content consumption. Allowing brands to sponsor mobile data encourages customers to respond at the point of engagement, wherever they are, keeping traffic on the mobile network rather than driving customers to seek out a cheaper Wi-Fi connection.

The sponsored data catalyst team started in 2016 by winning the top-line TM Forum award at TM Forum Live! 2016 for the most commercial potential and returns in 2017 to showcase a commercial sponsored data and data rewards user base approaching 20 Million sponsored data and data reward users spread across more than 10+ countries, 20+ operators and five continents.

With the 2017 showcase, Datami is partnering with Comptel, CloudSense and Sigma in a “New Business Models with Sponsored Data” Catalyst championed by Orange and NTT. This catalyst showcases the considerable market success during the past year and plans in place to build further scale around the world. The Catalyst includes on-going demonstrations at the Catalyst booth from May 15th to May 18th in at the TM Forum Live! Event at the Acropolis Convention Center in Nice, France, a team presentation at the Catalyst theatre at 16:30 pm on Monday, May 15th, 2017 and the “Currency of Mobile Data” expert insight case study and presentation on Wednesday at 2pm as part of the TM Forum mission to connect digital ecosystems.


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About Datami

Datami enables a new level of mobile engagement for brands while allowing operators to make more data available to more people, more of the time — in some instances by exploiting network quiet periods in real-time, in others by enabling sponsored content, data rewards and mobile ad targeting. By combining real-time customer data from operators and brands with an unparalleled range of network-aware mobile marketing solutions, the Datami platform delivers sharp increases in click-thru rates and in-app daily active usage and conversion. Trusted by 1.5B+ mobile customers across Verizon, Telefónica (Movistar/VIVO/O2), Orange Group, Airtel Group, Telkomsel, Claro, Tigo, Oi, TIM, MTN, AT&T and more, Datami is commercially available in more than a dozen countries across 5 continents. Some of the leading brands include Santander, Dove, BBVA, Mercado Libre, Napster, Natura, Nestlé, Netshoes, Privalia and Samsung. /

Press Contact: David Nowicki, CMO

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