Free data for all!

Nowadays the use of the cell phone has become an essential practice for the majority of the population in our country. The possibility of connecting to the Internet from anywhere and with the convenience of doing so from a device that can be carried in the bag has made the phones and tablets the preferred means by the Mexican society to be always connected.

According to INEGI figures, 62.4 million people in Mexico connect to the Internet through a mobile device, of which 76.5% correspond to people between 18 and 34 years.

But what makes these devices quite successful are the applications that are developed for a specific task, from productivity to leisure. What would a smartphone without Spotify, Facebook, Uber, Tinder or Instagram? It would just be a phone, no more.

Thanks to the adoption of smartphones and tablets, telephone companies in Mexico have made important adjustments in their commercial offer to try to offer a better data rate, offering from “unlimited” applications to an outstanding amount of megas for the Internet, however , Not everyone can afford to buy a good package of megas and unlimited applications.

According to figures from the consultancy The Competitive Intelligence Unit, prepaid users in Mexico spend approximately between 100 and 300 pesos per month to acquire a data package and meet their digital needs, although this is often not enough due to the high demand for megabytes Which require some applications.

It is common that before our package expires we find the problem of having used all the megas for what we paid, which makes it impossible to continue to enjoy Internet connection through our country’s mobile networks, but this can begin to change soon.

Datami is a North American company based in Boston specializing in digital marketing. Its goal is to create and amplify connections between companies and mobile customers, how? By providing mobile data for certain products (web or applications) completely free to the user as long as it can use exponentially the type of service that the sponsor Want to offer.

Datami’s goal is to win: users win and companies win. And for the benefit of Mexicans, the company will begin offering its services this year by the hands of Telcel and Movistar so soon we will start to see new offers from these operators who will be able to offer us truly free services of certain applications or sites Web, all in order that Mexicans can begin to exploit the advantages of the Internet in the fields of productivity, leisure, security, etc.

Datami is currently working on 5 continents with several leading telephone operators in more than 12 countries, serves more than 1.3 billion consumers and their numbers are growing every day to reach their goal, that everyone can have access to the Internet.

This new service reflects the commitment that telecommunications companies have with Mexican users, who day and day adopt more the use of Internet tools and services but unfortunately can not explode because of the fear of consuming all the megabytes in their packet Data before time.

Note: This article was originally published in Spanish. Direct translation above.