(v.English) Sponsored Access Opens New Revenue for Teles

Convergência Digital – Carreira 
Luís Osvaldo Grossmann – 03/10/2018

This Wednesday (03/10), by participating in a seminar about Digital Ecosystems promoted by Anatel, the Latin America director of Datami, an American company that intermediates deals between brands and mobile carriers, Mariana Oliveira, stated the “Sponsored Access to the Internet Business” as an important segment for the new reward way of the telecommunication market.

“(It is) good for both sides. To the carrier is a never-had-before income, coming from Unilever marketing, Santander, and that is really excellent. A brand new budget. Meanwhile, it raises the brand’s engagement and performancec” she claimed.

Datami was created in 2013 in United States, and reached Brazil by 2016. According to the Latin America director, Datami covers around 30 well-known companies like Santander, Natura, Avon and Mercado Livre that provide Sponsored Data for their users by using this technologic solution to support sponsored access to the online world – deals with the mobile carriers that act in Brazil.

“Sponsored navigation has an extreme importance because the majority of the population are still prisoners of what the carriers offer to them. Around 60% of the market is pre-paid, also, another 18% are under controlled packages. I mean, people do not have resources enough to navigate as much as they would like to. The data demand is bigger than the one that exists. Sponsored Data has come to cover this large gap,” she explained.

“The bank industry is a good example to mention. Bradesco was the first bank in the world to use Sponsored Data for about four years in a row. It is a deal which the carrier sells performance to a bank. In the other hand, the banks want to provide a more practical, secure and faster option to their clients, by not making them stopping at bank agencies or having their time spent making long phone calls to call centers, etc. This type of channels come with a higher cost and are not convenient for the users. The new generation does not want to go the bank anymore,” she insisted.