Mercado Livre App Gives Free Access To App For Subscribers Of Vivo And TIM

Taking advantage of the arrival of Black Friday, Mercado Livre launched sponsored access to its mobile application for users of Vivo and TIM that have Android and iOS smartphones. Using sponsored data in this way, users can browse at will without paying for the data used, whether pre or post-paid.

The project was made in partnership between Mercado Livre, the telcos and MUV. Datami’s technology underpins the solution.

This is the third experiment of its kind launched by a mobile commerce app in Brazil. The other two were Netshoes and Privalia. Among the banks, there is so far only one case, Bradesco.

According to the latest edition of search Panorama Mobile Time / Opinion Box on mobile commerce in Brazil, 71% of Brazilian Internet users with smartphones have already bought physical goods through apps or mobile sites. And the app that leads the ranking is the Mercado Livre, cited by 32% of this group as the most often used for physical goods purchases.

Note: This press release has been translated from the original. Please follow the link.