(v.English) Tricard uses “Browse for Free” to increase its customer base

Martins wholesaler’s card will give you free internet access through your app without consuming customer data plan

Tricard, a card company of Tribanco, a bank of Minas Gerais mining group Martins, one of the largest wholesalers in Brazil, will use the “Free of Charge” project of MUV as a strategy to increase its customer base to around 500 thousand users by the end of the year. Launched from this first week of July, the feature allows people to navigate through the brand app without spending their data package.

“The sponsored consumption is a guarantee of internet access, as eight out of ten Brazilians blow their data package today, according to Deloitte data,” recalls Marcelo Castelo, CEO and co-founder of MUV, a pioneer in the free navigation market in Brazil. Valid for users of all telephony operators operating in Brazil, the benefit will help simplify users’ access to Tricard products, further strengthening the institution’s digital transformation process.

“We want, with this news, to improve the quality of our services for both the card holder and the issuer. Stores are important sales channels, and sometimes absorb some of the service that should be done by Tricard. We will be the first Private Label emitters of the supermarket segment to offer sponsored navigation, “says Ricardo Batista, CEO of Tricard. In addition to the increase in the customer base – which includes the entire retail network serviced by Martins and also the customers that attend these stores -, the company expects to reduce the costs of its call center operation by R $ 2 million a year. The project is the result of an initial investment of approximately R $ 300 thousand.

The free internet application in the Tricard cards application works on smartphones equipped with the Android system. To enjoy the service, the person must have an active data package contract from any of the operators. The free access project implemented by MUV for Tricard relies on DataMi technology for traffic exemption.