Coronavirus: Free internet access for public system students

By Felipe Vieira

Brazil may have lagged behind other major world economies in implementing strict social isolation standards to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, the disease caused by the coronavirus. But the country took the lead when it comes to the use of quick and practical solutions for children in the public education system to continue attending classes and learning during quarantine.

One of these initiatives was the decision by the state governments of Paraná and São Paulo to offer a free learning platform where students can watch live class broadcasts and access familiar online learning tools, all without consuming the mobile data plan. of the family.

“Brazil is ahead of many countries in the world in terms of offering remote access to education, even for those students who face a lack of internet at home,” said Harjot Saluja, CEO of the American company Datami, based in Boston.

These governments, through partnerships with the largest mobile operators in Brazil, are using Datami’s Reach For All platform to sponsor the mobile data used by students. So far, 250 thousand students in these states are already accessing the internet on cell phones to study, always with data paid by the government. Saluja believes that the number will grow rapidly in the short term. The governments of Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro and Brasília are in negotiations to adopt the system.

“The platform can be made available quickly and efficiently to meet immediate needs,” explained Saluja. “It is a unique and free access point to resources that are already in use, which makes it easy for students and teachers to start benefiting.”

It also helps that Datami has a deep knowledge of the Brazilian market, where the company has been operating since 2015 and has partnerships with operators Vivo, Oi, TIM, and Claro. The Datami platform has already enabled more than 50 companies, including banks and retailers such as Santander and Avon, to pay for cell phone data used by their customers. In a market dominated by prepaid cell phones or with reduced data plans, the Datami platform allows unlimited engagement and transactions by customers of these brands.