iFood no longer consumes your mobile data

Since last Thursday (12), Claro, TIM, Oi and Vivo mobile phone users have been enjoying a great, new feature: the data consumed by the iFood app (for Android or iOS) will be sponsored from the franchise. That’s right: from now on it is possible to order food from the application on iPhone or Android smartphones, without spending any data.

The company responsible for iFood says that the novelty was implemented after “research in all regions where the company operates.” This led to the conclusion that “an expressive number of customers point to the Internet connection as one of the main factors not to make recurring orders in iFood.

Because of this, it has been decided that the data will no longer be spent in the system, by the consumer. For this, it was necessary to establish a partnership with the operators mentioned above. It is worth mentioning that there is still a great deal of Datami’s technology, which is responsible for integrating the data at no cost to consumers.

Anyone who wants to enjoy the novelty just needs to keep using iFood as it always has. All changes are automatic and do not require any configuration by consumers.


Note: This is a translation taken from the original press release, in Portuguese.