Santander Offers Free Navigation In Apps

São Paulo, April 27, 2017 – As of today, Santander Brasil customers who have mobile phones of carriers Vivo, Claro, Tim and Oi and iOS and Android operating systems will be able to use Santander, Santander Way and Santander Universitario apps without using their mobile data. The initiative is part of the Bank’s strategy of offering alternatives to customers that increasingly facilitate their daily lives.

Now, customers can pay their bills, make transfers, check balance, statements, invoices and more through Santander app. Moreover, customers can also manage the use of credit cards with Santander Way app. Another new feature is that free Internet includes Santander University app, so even students who are not Bank customers can access information about internship and job vacancies, scholarships and online courses. All this for as long as necessary, without worrying with your mobile data. The benefit is initially valid until December 2017.

“The world is more digital and people have less and less time for bureaucratic issues.  We need to contribute so that our client has peacefulness and agility to solve his financial life. This feature is more than a benefit, because it turns into a saving for the customer” said Cassius Schymura, Head of CRM and Retail at Grupo Santander Brasil.

The project was made possible through a partnership of Santander Brasil and MUV, company specialized in bridging the worlds of telecommunications and advertising, and Datami, American company responsible for technology integration with mobile operators.

“We are proud to be powering the Santander data-free service through our close partnership with MUV” said Harjot Saluja, CEO of Datami. “The Santander launch definitely paves the way for the entire banking and service industry to sponsor data-free and worry-free connections for consumers. We are now seeing similar trends across LATAM, EMEA and South-East Asia.”

The Datami platform is unique in supporting hundreds of Brand Sponsored Data and Data Rewards use cases and solving many of the complex technical problems that make it impractical to connect directly to the operator network such as CDNs, dynamic IPs, lack of control & transparency and data leakage/security concerns.

The Datami platform benefits from a simple on-boarding process which enables any brand, app, or advertiser to easily establish campaigns in their native environment. There is no need to be restricted to the capabilities of a dedicated advertising app or be limited to simple always on campaigns as is often the case with a direct connection to the operator network. With the Datami platform you can configure each campaign with great fidelity — The brand is always in full control and can also monitor their live campaign with a full analytics suite.

About Santander

Santander Brasil, the Brazilian unit of Spain’s Santander, is the country’s third largest non government-owned bank and is the group’s largest unit in Latin America. Grupo Santander is one the top 15 banks in the world in terms of Revenue and 6th in terms of brand value. The full-service bank operates in two segments: commercial banking and global wholesale banking. Through its commercial banking segment, Santander Brasil offers traditional banking services, including checking and savings accounts, home and auto financing, consumer financing, credit cards and payroll loans to mid and high-income individuals and corporations. Its global wholesale banking division provides structured financial services and solutions to local and multinational conglomerates, offering products such as transaction banking, corporate finance, equity and treasury. This area also provides asset management services, managing fixed income, money market, equity, and multi-market funds. In 2014, the Spanish group increased its controlling stake to a 88% in the Brazilian unit and acquired local electronic payment processing firm GetNet. Besides, it formed a payroll loan joint venture with Banco Bonsucesso where it owns a 60% stake in the created entity, Banco Bonsucesso Consignado.

About the Santander Apps

1) Santander Brasil (

This is the primary innovative consumer mobile banking app from Santander Brazil.

2) Santander WAY (

Way allows you follow in real-time all the details of your Santander cards and completely manage your consumption. The Way app means more autonomy and security in your daily life.

3) Santander Universitário


Santander Universitario is part is part of Santander’s continued commitment to supporting higher education around the world. This app is way of connecting you with the world around you. With it, you stay on top of opportunities like internships, job vacancies, discounts and incredible deals.